Attention Stressed-Out Professionals Who Are Exhausted, Overworked, and at Maximum “Stresshold”: Get Ready to Access a New Level of Energy and Inspiration for Your Work!

The secret’s out, running a business is tough work. The constant creativity, energy and leadership required for the day to day marketing, sales, and delivery of your services, can deplete one’s energy to the point of exhaustion. As a result more and more successful business owners are at the brink of complete burnout; feeling physically depleted, emotionally tired and not enjoying life as much as they want to be. I know right now you are super busy, so I’m going to get straight to it.


  • You would say that you are stressed-out. You might even call yourself a “stress monster” at times.
  • You are tired. Sometimes bone tired. Catching up on sleep over the weekend isn’t helping like it used too.
  • Sometimes you feel wired. Like you stuck your finger into an electric socket. Even though you don’t like it, you’re happy to a degree for the added energy.
  • You are high achieving and strongly motivated. If you only you had more time in the day to get it all done.

I’m not going to sugar coat this. These are important signals that you could be experiencing chronic stress, the kind that leads to burnout.  And, I know burning out isn’t an option. You have big goals, high ambitions and also want to lead a fulfilling life.

But how do you do it all, have it all, BE it all? How do you have your cake and eat it too?

Is it to practice better time management or saying, “no” to things. Is the answer really cutting back, holding back or worse, letting go of it all?



Reclaim Your Game™

The answer isn’t about finding more time or giving up and its not about being more productive (my guess is that you are likely already extremely productive).  The answer is in the way that you approach your goals and how you manage your energy as you do.

Sometimes reclaiming your game includes learning how to reset your overstimulated nervous system, retraining your brain to perceive and respond to stressful situations differently, and realigning to your natural rhythm. Often it includes revisiting one’s personal values and creating new habits as you can focus on what matters most to you.

The pathway out of chronic stress is the pathway to fulfillment, purpose and feeling more alive than you have ever felt before. On the other side is the opportunity to achieve enjoyable peak performance in whatever you do AND the ability to experience true joy, that is, the experience of love, happiness and aliveness in each MOMENT… to be in love with life itself.

YOUR NEXT STEPS | If you feel you have the symptoms of burnout or experiencing excessive stress do the following:




Determine if you are burning out – Take the complimentary  Burnout Test.
Access high-value resources to manage chronic stress and overcome burnout.
Get support – Schedule a complimentary Reclaim Your Game session. SCHEDULE HERE