• Nancy Marmelejo | Owner, Talent and Genius

    Stress and burnout make it impossible to make decisions and move forward with the things you need to do for your business. Susan’s work helps you to navigate through stress and burnout so that way you can return to your thriving vibrant self, and be the leader that you need to be for your business.

  • Missy Singer | Owner, Spirit Biz People

    “Susan has an almost magical way of getting immediately to the root of what’s causing the stress and stuckness and then so lovingly assist me in the process of shifting it. Not only is Susan a Master at helping her clients do what they love from a place of peace and empowerment, she is a true model of what she teaches, walking her talk in all parts of her life and business. A rare gem as a mentor and teacher.”

  • MaryKay Morgan | Owner, EFG Consulting, inc

    “Susan is incredibly skilled and compassionate. I highly recommend her to any woman who desires to be able to express from authentic power in any situation.”

  • Sage Lavine | Owner, Sage Lavine

    I turned to Susan at a time when I was in complete confusion about my career path and doubting my self worth. Through Susan’s compassionate guidance, I found my own inner strength, confidence and wisdom. Thanks to Susan’s expert coaching, I now have my own business doing what I love to do, and more importantly I trust myself to design my life, my career and my relationships the way I want them. Thank you Susan!!!

  • Lisa Huening | Owner, The Shifting Path

    Susan has given me the tools to continue to overcome my fears and really step into my power in order to give to others. When starting a new business you feel a bit lost and overwhelmed but Susan has created tools that give the needed structure and a path to create a successful business. She has an incredible gift to connect with her clients at a deeper level triggering many AHA moments along the way.

  • Sarah Schlote | Owner, The Refuge: Centre for Healing and Recovery

    I needed 1:1 support in order to make my business more stable and profitable. I felt adrift and really overwhelmed.Since working with Susan, I have been able to embrace the parts of me that felt the most vulnerable and insecure as I began to put myself out there in a bigger way. I have confidently increased my hourly rate, worked through some of the shame around money that was preventing me from doing so, and I am starting to get out and make myself more visible by booking speaking engagements.

  • Jessie May Kezele | Owner, Boom Your Brand

    When I first came to Susan for coaching I deeply yearned for clarity around how to share my gifts with the world. I had so much brilliance inside of me that needed to shine, but I didn’t know how or where to let it out, so I became discouraged, frustrated, sad, and stifled. I was on a downward spiral. My discouragement led me to be less engaged with the world, which led to more discouragement and less connection with other people. Susan helped me understand my emotional pattern and how my thoughts and emotions fed off each other, creating more of what I didn’t want.With Susan I have found clarity about how to share my gifts with the world. Daring Divas USA grew from zero to hundreds of members in its first few months and is continuing to blossom. Without my coaching sessions with Susan, I would not be where I’m at today: empowered, confidant, enthusiastic, and most importantly LETTING MY LIGHT SHINE!

  • Britta Aragon | Owner, Cincovidas Skinlabs

    The universe sent me Susan at just the right time. I was getting ready to launch my business, was going through a separation and moving homes all at the same time. Life was so overwhelming! Susan created a container on our calls that allowed me to navigate this very stressful time and gave me tools to be able deal with all the emotions. She helped me get out of the burnout I was in and how to be more effective in my business and have more energy by putting myself first. I am grateful I had the opportunity to move through such a tough time with Susan…her coaching was invaluable to get to where I am today. I launched my first book last September and and my skincare line, CV Skinlabs, March 2012. forever grateful.

  • Wendy Collier | Owner, Wendy Collier Worldwide

    Susan is masterful at identifying the emotional cycles that snuff out our light and power to make a difference. She helped me to see what was ‘really’ holding me back and showed me how to find a more empowering path. She was an integral part of breakthroughs that have led me to living more courageously in my business and life.

  • Dr. Amanda Noelle | Owner, Aphrodite University

    When I met Susan, I immediately felt a sense of relief, like an angel was sent to me to help me deal with my past while addressing my current business matters. If you’re like me and are running a busy business, you don’t want to sit around in therapy forever—you want results, and you want them on all levels! Financial, business, and emotional. Susan quickly helped me release the childhood trauma and fears so much faster than any shrink I’ve worked with! We dealt with my past while simultaneously increasing my conversions. I faced my biggest fear and I let go of an old vampiric client. Within a month, my revenues doubled, and I was so relieved to realize that I didn’t have to abuse myself in order to get paid. Your emotional healing time with Susan is worth its weight in gold on all levels!

  • Julie Foucht | Owner, Kickass Biz

    I love Susan and her coaching because she met me exactly where I was in my business and supported me in creating the strategy for where I was headed next in my business. She has the know-how.Since working with Susan, I have had my first 5 figure business month!! I am more focused in what I have to offer and can provide a better service to my clients.Susan’s coaching classes are joyful!I appreciate that Susan is real…she takes her real life stuff and shares her stories with us. She gives herself permission to be real and therefore, she gives her students permission to be their true selves as well.

  • Kelly O’Neil | Owner, Kelly O’Neil

    Susan Liddy is my go-to-coach when I need to sort things out and come to clear and heart-centered decisions for my life, business and team leadership. As a thought leader with a profitable business and a lot of commitment and drive to succeed, I know the importance and value of staying aligned with what fulfills me the most to maintain profitability in my business and lead a productive team. Burning out is not not an option. Susan helps me find the highest version of the leader inside me. When I need to get clear and to feel centered in my life and business, Susan is the coach I call.

Susan Liddy

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I found myself dragging out of bed every morning to muster the strength to do what used to be effortless, easy and joyful. I had a hard time sleeping, I lost my clarity of thought, and my intuitive creativity was stifled.

Benefits Bullets

  • This realization led me to a personal hero’s journey where I changed my career.
  • I got a masters degree in counseling psychology, became a marriage and family therapist intern, and at the same time launched my coaching business.

Offered in 30 minute, 60 minute, 90 minute formats.

The information in this talk can also be delivered “interview style” for telesummits, event panels  or other events.

Speaker Bio

I’m a top performer. I spent decades driving myself to the edge of my potential, and achieving success.

But without the right resources to recharge, without the mental frameworks or practices that would allow me to sustain what I had created, I often would find myself looking around at my success, wondering why I wasn’t happier in spite of what I had created.

While working toward my Bachelor’s Degree at night and on the weekends, I scaled the corporate ladder in the Silicon Valley. And because I was so good at analyzing and planning and accessing my mental intelligence I achieved greater success than anyone else I knew my age. I worked my way rather quickly to the corner office, and by the age of 32, I was managing a division of the company that spanned 12 states, and 13 direct reports.