Burnout is an affliction of the high achiever, and I know this first hand.

I’m a top performer. I spent decades driving myself to the edge of my potential, and achieving success.

But without the right resources to recharge, without the mental frameworks or practices that would allow me to sustain what I had created, I often would find myself looking around at my success, wondering why I wasn’t happier in spite of what I had created.

While working toward my Bachelor’s Degree at night and on the weekends, I scaled the corporate ladder in the Silicon Valley.

I achieved greater success than anyone else I knew my age. By age 32 (I’m now 47):

  • I was managing a division of a company that spanned 12 states and 13 direct reports, with a 1.5 million dollar annual budget.
  • I was earning 6-figures + stock options + a fat 401K, while sitting in a “corner office”.
  • I had a BMW and boat in the driveway of the home that I owned and a vacation timeshare in Maui.

Susan Liddy


But it was at a very high cost:

It cost me my joy, my spirituality, my health, and deeper sense of self.

  • I found myself dragging out of bed every morning to muster the strength to do what used to be effortless, easy and joyful.
  • I had a hard time sleeping.
  • I lost my clarity of thought.
  • I lost my ability to give birth to a child, suffering an early miscarriage after numerous assisted reproductive procedures.

I completely burnt out.

This non-stop “pain” led me to a personal hero’s journey where I changed my career (and ultimately ended my marriage).

I got a masters degree in counseling psychology, interned as a psychotherapist, and at the same time launched my coaching business.

I was exhilarated.

Fast forward several years later, and business was booming.

I scaled my way up to making multiple six figures in my business, had a dream roster of clients, and they were getting real results from our work.

I was truly living the dream: the freedom, the big results for business owners, and money in the bank to show for it. Knowing I could impact people so deeply put me on cloud 9.

  • I was doing live events!
  • Online launches!
  • Publishing videos!
  • Writing for the Huffington Post!
  • I had a team of 5 people supporting me and I was really making a name for myself in the coaching industry.

Yet, the familiar burnout feelings crept in. All my patterns that created success in my corporate career re-emerged.

I was driving myself so hard, climbing to the next rung of the ladder, bringing in more money, helping more people, making more impact. And with all this overdrive once again came the sleepless nights, the loss of clarity and intuitive insights, and I was in “pain”.



I knew there had to be a better way.

Because I am committed to living a meaningful life and running an enjoyable business, I took action!:

  • I hired credible professionals and healed physically, emotionally and spiritually.
  • I enrolled in a Doctor of Psychology program (Yes! This all led to me pursuing a life-long dream!)
  • I designed a peak performance plan for myself, based upon all that I learned and committed to it!
  • I learned how to reset my nervous system and retrained my brain to perceive my reality differently.
  • I set up time management and business systems to support me to feel relaxed and on top of things.

I’ve found my way to feeling more ALIVE than I ever thought possible!

If my story resonates for you, please know that you truly CAN break your cycle of stress/burnout. And, you don’t have to invest $100,000 and four years of your life earning a Doctorate in Psychology, or burn down your business either!

What you need to do is make the choice that you will no longer live to work “this way” and then decide to embark upon changing it.

You really can enjoy a profitable business without chronic stress. You can have all of the energy that you want and need. You can feel how it feels to experience JOY and quite frankly, the freedom and flexibility that you wanted when you got into business in the first place.

HERE’S YOUR RESET BUTTON | If you feel that you have the symptoms of burnout or you are experiencing excessive stress like I was, do the following:




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