About you

You are an accomplished business owner, generating $100,000 – $300,000 business revenue and utilizing a small team of 1 – 3 contractors on a project basis. After running a successful business for several years, you are ready to step more into the spotlight and broadcast your mission in a more powerful way. You want to be an expert and thought leader in your field which requires adding more to your already full plate as you keep your existing business profitable.

What concerns you the most

  • You may still be working “business launch hours” and doing a lot of the tasks your self which puts you at the risk of burnout.
  • You are experiencing growing pains that require “letting go” and stepping more into a leadership role.
  • Things may have gotten out of control in your personal life, as you focused primarily on launching and managing your business for the past several years.
  • You are already well connected and becoming well known, yet you yearn for more exposure and a bigger playing field to establish a legacy business.
  • It frustrates you that you haven’t yet accomplished this.

What you need most right now

  • You need to let go of the details of running your business so you can define an even bigger vision.
  • You need to trust yourself to communicate your vision to your team and then trust them to implement it.
  • You need to know how to use your instincts to hire a motivated and money making team of people to support your mission.
  • You need to create more work/life balance as you feel the pressure of wearing many hats at home and at work.
  • You need to put more systems into place and leverage technology to automate and add to your existing team.
  • You need to transition into a bigger playing field that includes publicity, event speaking, and book writing while avoiding a Super Woman mindset and remain true to your initial passion that started your business.

Your Emotional Intelligence Coaching Opportunities:


EI Booster Program EI Breakthrough Program EI Intensive Program
Two 30 minute coaching calls/month x
Two 45 minute coaching calls/month x
One 6 hour in person VIP day plus six 30 minute calls for 6 months x
A healthy lunch and facial at a reputable Los Gatos Spa x
One 90 minute discovery call x x
One professional Emotional Intelligence Assessment x x
Accountability and tracking for your specified business goals x x
Custom designed “just for you” coaching plans x x
Susan’s personal coaching notes providing additional insights and feedback x x
As needed laser coaching in between calls x x
Lifetime membership into our “Inner Circle” alumni group x x
Recordings of all calls x x x