Fearless FEMpreneur Diamond Coaching Program, Susan Liddy

“Discover the Business Building Training That You Have Been Waiting for That Not Only Teaches You How to Create a 6-Figure Business Yet How to do it fearlessly and femininely with Integrity, Life Balance and Joy”

Imagine launching your business, serving the world, doing what you do best and are called to do.  Imagine enjoying your hobbies, love ones and lots of self-care as you are building your business. Imagine getting the specific and truthful business building content and support that you need, at your fingertips whenever you need it. And, imagine sharing the journey of creating your fearlessly feminine business side-by-side with other change makers who become part of your promotion team AND who become your friends for life.

Live coaching, an exciting and proven program that’s easy to implement, “done for you” marketing materials, life-changing content that will transform you, your coaching and your life. It’s all here for you and so much more!

It truly is possible for you to have a business that you enjoy, that creates financial security for you and your family, and that enables you to live the life that your heart longs for.

During this program you will…

  • Receive clear, easy to follow training to launch your business, love based strategies to build your list, leverage speaking and get known quickly
  • Learn how to set revenue goals, leverage Love Based Marketing strategies, schedule sales calls and enroll clients into your programs
  • Receive website templates to create a welcoming site that clearly conveys who you are, what you do and who you do it for, and that generates leads and strategy session appointments
  • Learn how to clarify your niche/market and messaging so that you can clearly tell people what you do to get referrals, speaking gigs and clients
  • Learn how to set up your business so that your self-care is top priority, so you can continually embrace feeling inspired, motivated and “guided” throughout the life of your love based business
  • And I’ve designed this program to be “holistic” so that you will bring ALL of YOU into your coaching and business building. And, I’ll be there to hold your hand every step of the way.

The Fearless FEMpreneur® Coaching Program is offered in different packages to meet you where you are at and to fit within your budgetary needs and we also offer VIP days and DIY eCourses

Susan Liddy, Fearless FEMpreneur, Simple Steps to Confidently Offering Strategy Sessions

Your next step is…

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