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When comparing extraordinary business leaders with average ones, “emotional competencies were found to be twice as important in contributing to excellence as pure intellect and expertise.” Daniel Goleman, WWEI (cf. Jacobs and Chen, 1997)



Find out your Emotional Intelligence scores and how to increase them.

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EI Skill #1 – Emotional Awareness: discover how you rate and how improving this EI skill results in reduced stress, greater work/life balance, better decision making, greater understanding of yourself and what drives you, and the ability to understand the “messages in your feelings.”

EI Skill #2 – Emotional Management: learn your scores and discover how increasing this EI skill results in feeling more motivated and focused on your business goals, greater confidence in yourself, and the ability to feel less triggered by the disappointments, frustrations and overwhelm that often come with business ownership.

EI Skill #3 – Emotional Relating: See how you score and discover how improving this EI skill turns you into a superior networker, master conflict resolver, creates the ability to market “emphatically” with greater insight into your target market, and dramatically improved comfort level to “sell” your products and services.

EI Skill #4 – Emotional Enlightenment: Discover how you rate and how improving this EI skill creates more confidence, greater ability to take calculated risks, minimizes the fear of making mistakes, activates a positive mindset and up-levels your self esteem and self knowledge.


“As a woman leader, making sure that I am at the top of my game is critical in both serving my clients and ultimately serving myself (financially, emotionally and spiritually). I am not sure there is much that prepares you for being in the public eye and when you step out in a big way, the game changes. I hired Susan to help me master emotional intelligence so that I can lead more effectively and gracefully (which in the face of pressure is often easier said than done). Working with her has been an invaluable investment and one that has significant personal payoff in terms of stress reduction, balance and flow – as well as a business payoff in terms of how I am able to show up in the world more powerfully and gracefully.” Kelly O’Neil, KellyONeil.com

“I turned to Susan at a time when I was in complete confusion about my career path and doubting my self worth. Through Susan’s compassionate guidance, I found my own inner strength, confidence and wisdom. Thanks to Susan’s expert coaching, I now have my own business doing what I love to do, and more importantly I trust myself to design my life, my career and my relationships the way I want them. Thank you Susan!” Sage Lavine, Purpose2Prosperity.com


“Emotional mastery is a lifelong practice, but without the awareness and tools that Susan has given me, I would still be the woman who was allowing her light to be stifled by her own negative thinking. Now that I have the awareness of what triggers certain unwanted emotions and the tools to work with them when they arise, I am in the drivers seat of my life!” Jessie May, DaringDivasUSA.com


Whether you are an aspiring woman leader or already accomplished in your business or are a luminary expert leader in your field, Emotional Intelligence skills are your must-have secret weapons to extraordinary life and business success.


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Emotional Intelligence Business Skills for Entrepreneurial Women







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