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My name is Susan Liddy and today I’m going to share Emotional Intelligence Success Secrets with you: How to unlock your Extraordinary Business Success, Wealth and Well-being.

For the past decade, I’ve been on a mission to let every woman know that she is powerful and capable of achieving her goals and creating a fulfilling life. For the majority of my clients this includes entrepreneurship. I coach entrepreneurial women to use Emotional Intelligence skills and proven business strategies to create 6 figure breakthroughs for their business. You can learn all about that at our website: www.SusanLiddy.com

Emotional Intelligence is the most important business skills that is missing from so many entrepreneurs took belt. So today, I’m going to share with you what Emotional Intelligence is, why it is important to your business and life success and how you can easily increase your emotional intelligence to create more confidence, motivation, clarity and deeper connections with your prospects and clients which in turn makes you more money.

And, I’ll warn you upfront … today you are going to hear the absolute truth about what it means to be in business.

You’ll never hear me tell you that running a business is easy… because it’s not!!! Yet with highly developed Emotional Intelligence and a solid strategic plan, your business will be by far the most rewarding and fulfilling thing you will ever experience.


Right now, I want you to Imagine that you are at an event or a workshop and you are learning some great new strategies for your business. And the first day you are feeling really great about it all. You are connecting with people and taking lots of great notes… and then you go to yoru hotel room later that night and sit down to do your homework and it hits you… the shear volume of work there is for you to do… How far behind you are… how much further ahead of the game the other people in the workshop seem to be… You are trying to answer the questions on the homework and you don’t know the answers… your head starts to spin, your brain goes into a fog and your emotions begin to overwhelm you… thoughts like I’m not good enough… I can’t do all of this… no way can I get all of this done… and nobody will buy what I have to offer anyway flood your mind.

You are in what I call a Cycle of Disempowerment and unless you have the Emotional Intelligence skills to notice and manage all of this, the rest of the week at this workshop or event is DOOMED.
This is just a sampling of what Emotional Intelligence is all about.

Being in business is like giving birth and raising a child to adulthood. The labor pains are intense, the challenges never cease and the drive to succeed brings you to the brink of exhaustion. You will doubt yourself. Make mistakes. Be disappointed by launches that never fly or workshops that don’t fill. And, you will receive have moments where you wonder if you should just beeline back to a J.O.B.


Consider your answer to the following questions :

  • How do you think it could affect your business if you could change any negative emotional states into positive ones?
  • If you could dissolve fear and replace it with confidence?
  • If you could dismiss stress and center your self when you needed to?
  • If could intimately understand WHO your perfect clients are and what they FEEL so that you could easily attract them to you.
  • If you could quickly develop authentic partnerships with other likeminded business owners who would promote you because they know, like and trust you.
  • If you could simply be human as a woman in business… free to just be yourself… WHILE enjoying the expert spotlight?


In my early 20’s I was one of those young adults who didn’t have a clue about who she was or wanted to be when she grew up. Yet I had to earn a living and get myself through college so I took a job as the receptionist for the University’s Telecommunications Dept. Years went by… a decade actually.

I got married, graduated from college, tried everything I could to start a family… without success… and worked my way up to a Telecommunications Manager position, with a staff of 13, managing the telecommunications requirements for the nationwide offices nationwide of a semi conductor company. I had the corner office with the window, stock options, the retirement plan and the 6 figure salary that went with all of that.

AND I was completely miserable. I hated my job, hated my marriage, hated my body… hated my life.

I thank God for the awakening that occurred for me. It wasn’t some tragic event or singular experience. It was a process of a year’s time where little by little it occurred to me that I was put on this planet for an important reason. I didn’t know what that reason was but I knew I needed to find it and so as the dot.com era busted and the 5th round of layoffs occurred and I got myself on that list, I took my severance package and fled the corporate world forever.

After a year of self employment, I went back to school, got a masters in counseling psychology and set course to be a licensed marriage and family therapist. Along that journey I discovered the world of life and business coaching and just prior to graduating, I started my business… now 8 years later I am an international coach, empowering entrepreneurial women through their fears, frustrations and overwhelm so they can create their 6 figure and beyond – heart centered business.

Now, this journey was not without my own fears, frustrations and overwhelms. Over the course of the past 8 years I got divorced, went to through the recession, experienced how blogging and social media literally changed all of the rules…

I had a lot of naysayers too… A whole bunch of people in my life did not believe in my ability to succeed and really couldn’t wrap their brains around why I would leave a 6 figure career that I’d worked a decade to accomplish…

I had MANY moments of self doubt, overwhelm, wondering if I could succeed. I for sure felt alone on the journey… If I didn’t have the emotional intelligence skills and tools that I had I can tell you with 100% certainty that you would not be listening to this CD today because I would have given up.
Now with a global presence and daily exposure to over 25,000 people, I am SO UTTERLY thank ful that I stayed the course.

I’m here today to share this with you to inspire you… to give you hope… and to tell you to stay the course… AND, I have some Emotional Intelligence skills to share with you because you DON’T: have to do it alone… you do not have to suffer with overwhelm, fear and frustration and regular FREAK outs do not have to be a part of your business building journey!


Emotional intelligence is a different type of intelligence. It’s about being “heart smart,” not just “book smart.”

You probably know people who are intellectually brilliant and yet unsuccessful. They are super book smart… but heart smart… not so much… they are the kind of people who can tell you every bit of data on a particular subject yet have no presence or emotional connecting abilities what so every… What they are missing is emotional intelligence.


Studies show that emotional intelligence matters just as much as intellectual ability, if not more so, when it comes to happiness and success in life and business. Emotional intelligence helps you build strong relationships, succeed at work, and achieve your goals.

  • Daniel Goleman’s study of 181 jobs in 121 organizations found that emotional intelligence was what set star performers a part from average performers.
  • Through his study of high performance athletes, Author Gregg Steinberg discovered that winning athletes were able to keep their emotions in check, while athletes who failed to achieve the elite level were less able to control their emotions.
  • A study done by University of South Florida that is published in the Journal for Research for Higher Education shows that emotional intelligence is related to academic performance
  • The results of a study done by Tomas Chamorro-Oremuzic, a PhD at the University of London show that emotional intelligence makes a significant contribution to entrepreneurial success. Contrast this with another study where they found almost no correlation between IQ and entrepreneurship…

Emotional Intelligence can be measured and can be learned and improved upon with practice. If you want to get an accurate measurement of your Emotional Intelligence, I’m going to give you a free link to the Abridged EIEA at the end of this talk.

Our Emotional Intelligence programs are comprised of four overall competencies They are: are Emotional Awareness, Emotional Management, Emotional Relating, and Emotional Enlightenment and from my work over the past decade of empowering women to create thriving businesses, I have discovered first hand how IMPOSSIBLE it is to create a 6 figure and beyond business WITHOUT these skills.

And these skills are especially important for today’s women leaders…


Today’s professional women are faced with a unique set of challenges. You are faced with the normal stuff that every entrepreneur has been faced with in the past:

The challenges of being able to motivate change in others, motivate yourself, think fast, keep your life balanced, develop products that your customers will buy…

Yet… A new business paradigm is creating a shift is in the way business is being done making the need for Emotional Intelligence critical to your success.

Within the new paradigm…

  • The world of Marketing is moving from a Competition to a Collaboration mindset. The successful businesses will be ones with superior relationship builders, networkers and collaborators at the helm. You need social abilities, communication skills and the ability to manage insecurities within yourself to stand tall next to your fellow business owners who may be more successful than you are. You need to embrace the truth of abundance, that there is indeed enough to go around, as you agree to promote someone who would historically be considered your competitor. You need Emotional Awareness and Emotional Relating skills for all of this.
  • Another business paradigm shift is how business owners are revealing more of our authentic selves in our products, services and in the marketing of them. Successful businesses are those whose leaders clearly understand themselves, have deep self knowledge and who are not afraid to be “human” and show sides of themselves that were previously considered “too personal” for the business setting. This can feel overwhelmingly vulnerable and actually can make feelings of disappointment or rejection feel even more intense, because of the personal nature of your work. You will need Emotional Awareness and Emotional Enlightenment to keep up with this business paradigm change.
  • In the new business paradigm, customers expect deeper relationships with their service providers. They don’t buy from brands with unknown faces… they buy from people that they know, like and trust, and they expect to have access to us on social media, such as Facebook and Twitter and to be transparent with who we are and what we stand for as individuals. This added level of customer connection can make an already busy schedule even busier, and you need to really “walk your talk” because you are essentially in the public eye, even as a small business owner. This requires Emotional Awareness and Emotional Management.
  • Finally, the overwhelming amount of and accessibility to free information is changing how business is done today: The internet makes it easy to access just about any kind of information that was previously only found by purchasing DVDs, CDs, Books or attending workshops. Today, just about any topic can be researched and discovered on the Internet. Successful businesses will be ones who set themselves a part from the others, that are bleeding edge, with their fingers on the pulse of what their market wants and who provide unique and easy ways to access those “wants.” This requires creativity, risk taking and strong comfort with change and stepping into the unknown. Without strong Emotional Relating and Emotional Management skills this simply will not be possible for you overcome for your business.


I love success stories, so I want to share one with you now…

JK Rowlings is a wonderful example of a woman with high Emotional Intelligence…

JK Rowlings saw herself as “the biggest failure she knew.” Her marriage had failed, she was jobless with a dependent child and on public assistance living in a tiny apartment.
Her dream was to be a published author… the first book that she tried to publish was rejected 10 times over the course of a year.
Imagine the constant disappointment, feelings of not being good enough, stress, and insecurity that she must have felt! Now, if she allowed those feelings to manage HER and derail her goals, the rest of the world would have never known of the Harry Potter Series!

JK Rowlings is the author of the Harry Potter Series of Children’s Novels. She went from living on welfare to multimillionaire status within five years. As of March 2011, JK Rowlings net worth was estimated by Forbes magazine at upwards to $1 billion.


So, I want to check in with you right now… and have you check in with yourself… What do you want for your life and your business? And, what is getting in your way of that? Perhaps you have some questions about HOW to accomplish what you want? OR, you don’t have a solid strategy in place yet. And, maybe you are experiencing emotional blocks… maybe fear keeps getting in your way… or the overwhelm of getting it all done. Maybe you find that you bad mouth yourself to yourself on a daily basis and are having a hard time coming out into the world in a much more visible and bigger way.

Isn’t your business worth figuring that all out? Aren’t your future clients worth all of that? Aren’t YOU WORTH it?

Which Emotional Intelligence benefits would create a 6 figure breakthrough for your business?

☐ Being able to run your business instead of it running you
☐ Enjoying better Time Management
☐ Experiencing Less Stress
☐ Having greater ease with decision making
☐ Being able to FOCUS on achieving income generating Business Goals
☐ Work to your full potential, fulfilling your purpose on this planet.
☐ Having more energy, clarity, creativity, and stamina for your life and business.
☐ Enjoying healthier relationships
☐ Attracting clients who are aligned with you
☐ Being able to design a team that is aligned with you and supports your mission
☐ Designing your business around your personal values
☐ Greater life balance
☐ More confidence!

And as the emotional blocks are moved out of the way… would you enjoy learning some proven business strategies KNOWNIG in every part of your body and soul that you are CAPABLE of implementing them and creating an amazing business?


The next decade –is going to be one of a new paradigm in business where we are actively striving toward a more meaningful existence. One of THRIVING in life versus merely surviving. One of GIVING versus merely having. One of collaborating instead of competing.

His Holiness, the Dalai Lama, at the sold-out Peace Summit in Vancouver, made the astonishing proclamation that “The world will be saved by the western woman.” And, he may just be right.

WE are the Foremothers of this great shift that will not only heal the economy yet will HEAR the planet. All of our grandmothers and mothers, sister who have walked before us, have paved the way for us to now carry the torch. Will you accept this challenge?

Two different types of small businesses are emerging:

The first type struggles as a victim of the economy. It will have average Marketing, an average website and be run by someone who has an average understanding of intelligence. They will live in fear of their competition, work 24/7, and succumb to the pressures and stress that most assuredly take a toll on their physical health. A couple of years ago, these businesses did OK – nothing amazing but they created a profit and ticked by nicely. Unfortunately, in the new business paradigm, many of these average businesses will close their doors prematurely.

The second type of business won’t just survive the recession – they’ll thrive. They’ll defy all the expectations and their customers and profits will rise while everyone else panics.

The people who run these businesses will master the skills of Emotional Intelligence. the new business paradigm. They will take massive RIGHT action. They will embrace the new business paradigm instead of resist it. These are the people that know the value of having their own professional coach. These are the people that are going to thrive and achieve phenomenal success in their business and who will be instrumental in ending the economic recession and creating a world that is based upon personal values and meaning.

Which type of business owner will you be?


Okay, so here is the link to take the Abridged Emotional Intelligence for Entrepreneurs Assessment (EIEA) that I’ve been telling you about. The Abridged EIEA is a 64 question assessment designed to tell you which emotional intelligence competencies are your strengths and which ones are liabilities for your business.

The assessment comes with a complimentary 30 minute strategy session with me via telephone. During our session I will show you how to translate your EIEA scores and how to increase your EI to improve your business success and make your business ownership experience more meaningful and enjoyable.


This ends our call for today:

Remember, EI may be the most important business skill missing from your success arsenal. And, it is SO EASY to develop and improve… to not only increase your business success, yet to increase your life success and happiness.

I trust that you have enjoyed this talk today. And I look forward to meeting you at your complimentary Boost Your Emotional Intelligence Strategy Session. The link to register for that again is: LINK www.SusanLiddy.com/ComplimentaryAssessment

Bye for now.

Find out your Emotional Intelligence scores…
and how becoming even more Emotionally Intelligent changes everything for you… Request a complimentary Abridged Emotional Intelligence for Entrepreneurs Assessment and Strategy Session.