Dear Aspiring Woman Leader,

Never before has there been a better time to design, launch and manage your own small business. All that your mother, grandmother and great grandmother fought for is NOW available to you for the asking. You truly can create  financial freedom, get your powerful message out into the world, and leave a lasting legacy behind for your children and grandchildren.

As an aspiring woman leader, you are on a big mission. An exciting journey filled with success and adventure as you launch your passion and purpose into the world. Even though running a business comes with great rewards, lets face it… it isn’t always easy. There are ups and DOWNS. Big fears that get triggered daily. Lots of detail work and tedious facts that can feel stressful. Enormous projects that are being created and implemented…


Running a business is a big job! It triggers your fears, stretches you outside of your comfort zone and teaches you more about what you are capable of than anything you will ever experience!


That’s why I created the Fearless FEMpreneur Mastermind. Facing your fears is not a one woman job. It requires assistance and support. It requires lots of inspiration to keep you motivated and your chin upward toward the sky!

The Fearless FEMpreneur Mastermind provide you with:

  • Monthly Emotional Intelligence Q&A Calls with Susan Liddy
  • Recordings of our Emotional Intelligence program for aspiring women leaders.
  • A Workbook containing all of your Emotional Intelligence worksheets and assignments.
  • Monthly expert calls providing you with the Business Intelligence you need.
  • Lifetime membership into our Fearless FEMpreneur private Facebook Group for ongoing support.
  • Access to Susan Liddy’s private Rolodex of vetted business resources that you need to run your business.



Doors open to 2012 registration in March 2012. To receive Advance Notice, sign up for my free gift below:


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