The Old Definition of Networking: Interact with other people to exchange information and develop contacts, esp. to further one’s career.

 The New Love-Based Definition of Networking: To leverage the power of relationships to…

•           Build your business

•           Enjoy a sense of community and connection

•           Create a sense of wholeness within yourself and balance in your life

All too often we get “stuck” behind our computer for days on end, hanging out in our PJs until dinner time, forgetting to eat, shower and brush our teeth. We can lose sight of the fact that building a successful, love-based business means we HAVE to get out from behind our computer and go be in SERVICE to people.

 To attract your ideal clients with ease, you need to build:

•           Relationships with other business owners.

•           Relationships with your prospective clients.

•           Relationships with your current and graduated clients.

•           AND… personal relationships with friends and family… your dog and cat even.

Now, in this new business paradigm that is forming, building relationships includes social media.

 Bottom line: It’s super EASY to establish important relationships.

 And what I want you to remember is the importance of both online AND offline relationship building.

 Good relationship building is a marriage of the two.

 What you want to do is to be able to connect with peeps online… and then find ways to connect with them offline (in person or over the phone/skype).

 And, you want to be able to connect with peeps offline… and then find ways to connect with them online.

 You need to leverage both online and offline to effectively build relationships.

 So, I’m going to teach you a relationship building system that utilizes both online and offline strategies.

 As with any relationship, business relationships take time to nurture. So you don’t want to just assume that after you immediately connect with someone that you will want to partner with them in some way, or that they will with you.

 This is like dating… you don’t ask for a hand in marriage before you’ve gotten to know one another well.

 Here is a basic checklist that I share with my Love Based B-School clients of what you need to establish for yourself to create a good relationship-building routine:

☐ A calendar of networking opportunities where my tribe hangs out and that I can attend regularly

☐ A Compelling Conversation that shares who I am, what I do, for whom and my mission.

☐ A connection to my True Empowered Self and my personal brand that bundles together to create a Powerful Presence

☐ Business Cards with a call to action

☐ A gift and/or “offer of support” and a way to quickly schedule with me

☐ A follow up system for my prospective clients and biz relationships

☐ I’ve selected my social media of choice, branded it and am actively connecting online/offline

☐ I have an eZine that is calendared and regularly published


Attend events and workshops not with the intention to GET clients… it’s too much pressure and peeps can pick up on that energy. Go with the intention to be of service and connect with 5 good peeps.

Here’s my Love Based Business “Good Event/Meeting to Attend” Litmus Test:

☐ My ideal client or ideal business connection regularly attends

☐ I can attend with effort that is reasonable

☐ They have a FB group

☐ I can comfortably approach people there

☐ I can potentially build a relationship with the event/group owner

Finally, you need to remember to nurture your relationships.

This means to follow up with them… however you left it at an event or a workshop… be sure to follow up with that phone call or that eMail… within 3 days.

Stay in touch… connect with them on FB… interact with them. Promote their stuff.

Those are the basics. We dive deep into these (and much more) in the Love-Based Business School.


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