About you

You have created a sustainable profitable business and are a recognizable leader in our industry. Your business is creating $300,000+ annual revenue and you are managing a multi-layered team of individuals whose livelihood depends upon you. You are in the spotlight on a regular basis and have an image to maintain. As it often happens while building an empire, you tend to sort and file your feelings like paperwork. You are ready to reclaim yourself as an individual in your own life and to get off autopilot.

What concerns you the most

  • Shear exhaustion and pressure of being in the public eye and having many people who depend upon you.
  • Making mistakes may stress you out as you fear it may harm your public image or reputation.
  • You feel a bit weighed down by your business and sometimes a slave to it as it results in an extremely busy travel, writing and publicity schedule for you.
  • You long to recall the days where you were “just a woman,” when you could relax in a bubble bath or just go to the grocery store inĀ  your sweats and not worry about running into someone who recognizes you.
  • You want to feel supported by someone else as you hold big dreams for others.
  • You may need to get your life back into balance, establish a healthy lifestyle and take time out for yourself.

What you need most right now

  • You need instant emotional shifting as there is little to no time to process emotional triggers moment to moment.
  • You need someone who you can be utterly human with, who will see you as a person versus the public figure that you have become.
  • You may need to learn how to meditate, have fun again, and fully enjoy the success you have created.
  • Since you have a large team with multi-layered management, you may need to advance your leadership skills to lead as the CEO that you are.
  • You need to let go of the details and trust your directors to manage your individual contributors.

Your Emotional Intelligence Coaching Opportunities:


EI Booster Program EI Breakthrough Program EI Intensive Program
Two 30 minute coaching calls/month x
Two 45 minute coaching calls/month x
One 6 hour in person VIP day plus six 30 minute calls for 6 months x
A healthy lunch and facial at a reputable Los Gatos Spa x
One 90 minute discovery call x x
One professional Emotional Intelligence Assessment x x
Accountability and tracking for your specified business goals x x
Custom designed “just for you” coaching plans x x
Susan’s personal coaching notes providing additional insights and feedback x x
As needed laser coaching in between calls x x
Lifetime membership into our “Inner Circle” alumni group x x
Recordings of all calls x x x