Body Benevolence in the New Year – January is the time people adopt New Year’s resolutions that most don’t keep. Susan tells how women can experience lasting change by adopting a benevolent approach to their bodies, and offers pointers on how to do this.

Benefits of Benevolence – Susan discusses how women can improve their confidence and ability to be successful in work and relationships by learning to love themselves as they are. She explains how women can identify self-defeating thoughts and choose new behaviors.

Beauty Brainwashing – Susan exposes how advertising and media paint an unrealistic view of female beauty that influences women from a very young age. She explains how women can create their own healthier definitions of beauty and appreciate their intrinsic beauty.

Weight and Body Image – Most people associate negative body images with being overweight. Susan, who was underweight most of her life, shares tips from her Eight Weeks to Body Benevolence to help women love the bodies no matter their size, weight or age.

Emotional Eating – Too often, people eat based upon emotions and not because it is what their bodies need. Susan discusses the relationship between food and emotions, and shares Six Eating Habits that promote positive emotional states.

Changing the Face of Business – Susan discusses how women in business are bringing new values and sensibilities to advertising, management and workplace issues.

Overcoming Fear – Susan’s Cycles of Empowerment process gives women a step-by-step guide for how to overcome fear and realize the life of their dreams. Drawing from her master’s degree in psychology and experience empowering women, she explains how beating fear is the key to making permanent, positive change in all areas of life.

The Little You Process – Susan explains how helping women reconnect with their “Little You” helps them conquer fears and experience profound confidence and motivation.

Teens and Body Images – Susan shares tips for how parents can help their teens cultivate a positive body image.

If I Had Known Then  – Susan asked women on her blog what they know now that they wished they had known when they were 20. She discusses some of their answers and the wisdom they reveal for younger women.

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