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Body Benevolence and the Fearless FEMpreneur

Life and Business Skills For Aspiring Women

“Our greatest desires are often our greatest fears.” ~ Susan Liddy

Today women are working longer and harder than ever, many creating their own businesses or working multiple jobs to bootstrap themselves out of the recession. Yet in the demands to make a living and care for families, caring for themselves takes last place. Struggling to be “superwoman” and meet society’s unrealistic demands for physical perfection takes a toll. Women find themselves feeling drained of creativity and energy and yearning to connect with other women.

Combining a master’s degree in counseling psychology with innovative technologies for personal motivation and online connections, Emotional Mastery Coach Susan Liddy empowers women to share skills for healthy bodies, businesses and relationships.

Susan’s innovative tools include her “Fearless FEMpreneur,” that shows small business owners how overcome their fears to accomplish their biggest marketing goals, and “Body Benevolence”, a system for women to improve their confidence and self-esteem by learning to love themselves as they are.

The Body Benevolence program, based on Susan’s e-book of the same title, gives women a step-by-step guide to shift how they think about themselves and their bodies and choose new behaviors. “It’s looking at how you bottle up your feelings and how that affects your body image and keeps you from getting what you want in life,” Susan says.

Body Benevolence is based on Susan’s Cycle of Empowerment and Little You Process, a proprietary process to help women overcome fear. “It enables my clients to see the full picture of why they get afraid, why they get disempowered and the emotional needs they must meet to change this,” Susan says.

Founded upon principals of Cognitive/Behavioral Psychology and Buddhism, Cycle of Empowerment gives women a formula they can practice every day to:

  • Feel confident
  • Accomplish goals
  • Make dreams come true
  • Master their emotions
  • Establish a healthy lifestyle plan

Susan finds her services increasingly sought by women creating and planning small businesses. She created The Fearless FEMpreneur to teach women secrets of feminine business success through social media marketing and emotional mastery skills. The Fearless FEMpreneur offers women expert training videos, articles, step-by-step plans and a community space to share ideas, brainstorm and get to know one another.

“It has never been more important to have the support of like-minded individuals and a strong presence on the Internet to market your business,” Susan says.

Susan works with professional women feel stuck accomplishing their important life, body and business goals. She can discuss a wide range of topics of including media body image messages, celebrity “cycles of disempowerment,” and tips for improving body image and managing fear when launching a new business.

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