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Suggested questions for Susan Liddy:

  1. What is Body Benevolence?
  2. How can women use this method to improve their confidence and ability to succeed in relationships, work and all of life?
  3. What are some of the self-defeating thoughts you help women identify and overcome?
  4. Why is it so hard for women to have a healthy body image in our culture?
  5. How do you teach women to create their own definitions of beauty?
  6. Most people associate negative body images with being overweight, but you struggled most of your life with being underweight. What was that like and how did you overcome it?
  7. What do you teach women in your Body Benevolence program?
  8. How do you help women overcome eating motivated by emotions?
  9. What are the six healthy eating habits you recommend?
  10. How can women help their daughters develop a healthy body image?
  11. All your processes are based in what you call the “Cycle of Empowerment.” How can this help women overcome fear and why is that so important?
  12. What is the “Little You Process” and how do you use it to help women conquer fears that are holding them back?
  13. What are some examples of disempowerment you see among female celebrities?
  14. Who are some women celebrities you hold up as being empowered?
  15. What are some of the new values and sensibilities you see women bringing to business?
  16. What are some of the things women have posted on your blog that they wish they had known when they were 20?


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