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The Entrepreneur’s Journey Requires An Energy Renewal Plan

Does this sound familiar? You are so busy with the marketing and “behind the scenes” in your business, that you feel stretched too thin. You are stressed and craving energy, making it difficult to manage your time and leverage your content.

I totally get it. There was a time in my business when I felt that same way. I was constantly chasing the check-marks (AKA completing tasks) without a routine to renew my physical, emotional, spiritual and mental energy. I was frustrated, flustered and fatigued!

Your most important business asset is YOUR energy.

To get out of the rat race and on the pathway to not only meet your revenue goals yet to also create balance in your life, what you need is a strategic ENERGY RENEWAL plan.

It is important to prioritize renewing the energy it takes to run a business. Let me get you started right now…

Step 1 What is your current energy level in the four key energy areas of your physical energy, your emotional energy, mental energy and spiritual energy? Where are you out of balance? In what area are you feeling the most energetically fatigued?

Step 2 Create a routine of “rituals” to renew your energy where there is a deficit. An energy deficit in one area will deplete the others. That means, by increasing your energy in one area, you will be positively impacting the other “energy areas” too.

Now you are ready for Step 3 and that is to commit to your strategic energy plan. This is the hard part! You must commit to the rituals that you have chosen for yourself, to increase your energy. At times you’ll feel “too tired” or “too busy” or “too guilty” to keep your commitment. When that happens, remind yourself that without energy, you wont’ feel fulfilled, be productive or continue to manage a successful business.

On a final note, not all of the strategies you use will be as effective as the others, so be sure to track your results. It will feel easy to get discouraged when something doesn’t work out, yet this is VERY GOOD INFORMATION for you to gather so that you can tweak your energy renewal strategy and make it more effective as you go.

Okay BREATHE (sigh).

At this point you’re probably feeling overwhelmed. Don’t. Just breathe and take a moment here because I’m about to show you how to avoid feeling overwhelmed by all of this…

One Word: Kaizen

The Japanese word Kaizen, loosely translated means “continuous improvement”. It means taking small, trivial steps to accomplish large objectives.

For example,  “What one small action can I take to improve my energy by just 1%?”

If you ask small, easy questions then it generates fast answers from your brain. If you ask big questions, fear is usually triggered and you freeze up.

Susan Liddy International is a “Fearless Zone” so let’s take baby steps.

What’s one small action you can take TODAY to design a strategic ENERGY RENEWAL plan for yourself and your business?

What’s your takeaway from this blog post? Tell me below…

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