EVENT FF OCT 2013 Susan on stage 2From Burnout to Bliss to a Bigger Bank Account:  How to Love Yourself More so That You Can Love Your Business (and it can love you back ten-fold)

To build a business that you love, and that loves you back ten-fold, you must love yourself along the way. As a business owner, you must do more than just THINK about self love, you must ACT upon it. During this signature talk, Susan Liddy addresses how the common patterns of poor time management, improper planning and lack of self care eventually debilitate your business and burn you out. Through engaging activities and entertaining stories, learn how simple and easy it is to restore your business/life balance to not only enjoy more time with friends and family, yet increase your bank account too.

Examples of what can be taught during this talk:

  • Why the degree to which you love yourself is the degree to which you can create your Love Based Business™.
  • What a Not To Do list is and why this list is more important than a To Do List
  • A strategic planning method that makes your marketing activities more productive resulting in less time needed to work in your business
  • How to arrange your client schedule to give yourself 4 weeks vacation each year without effecting your income
  • How to arrange a daily, weekly and monthly routine so that you can enjoy more moments with your family and friends
  • How you can hire the business support that you need, without breaking your bank, and giving your more time off


EVENT FF OCT 2013 Susan On StageBreathing Love into Your Sales: 5 Steps to Feeling more Confident, Proud and Effective During Your Sales Conversations

You are in business. That means that you need to make sales, which for many business owners means feeling awkward, uncomfortable and sleazy. And it doesn’t need to be this way. During this signature talk Susan Liddy leads you on a journey to explore your negative experiences and beliefs about sales and skillfully ties them together into a system that you can use to instantly increase your sales conversions. Finally get to the bottom of why you are not making good sales, what is holding you up and then learn proven methods plus tangible business advice that will increase your comfort with sales and bring more revenue into your business.

Examples of what can be taught during this talk:

  • Why Love Based Sales™ will make making money in your business so much more fun and effortless
  • Proof that irrefutably shows that happiness indeed does attract money
  • An easy way to set monthly revenue goals and map the strategies you’ll use to meet them
  • The number one mindset shift that will free you from feeling any discomfort around sales
  • Why the sales conversation is a moment of transformation for your client, and how to hold that space to bring them to a “yes”
  • How to discover what YOUR emotional sales response is and how to use it as clues to the skills you need to strengthen for your sales conversations
  • A 3 step process to dissolve the fears that stop you from closing your sales and signing on new clients
  • Learn what your Sales Style is and how knowing this, will help you to know what to say on your strategy sessions, how to respond to questions and establish rapport quickly with your prospective client.


Susan Liddy Speaking for Goddess Collective

Get Off the Marketing Roller Coaster:  7 Love Based Marketing Strategies that will Grow Your Business and Keep you Sane

As a conscious business owner you know that you don’t want to engage in Fear Based Marketing and all of the pressure to perform that comes along with that. There are a ton of marketing strategies out there with a guru behind everyone of them spouting off why you *need* this or that. Perhaps you’ve been on a Marketing Roller Coaster for a while that is leaving you feeling frustrated, worn out and discouraged. During this signature talk, Susan Liddy shares the dangers of trying to implement too many marketing strategies that does not feel in alignment and reveals the real truth behind the effectiveness of the marketing strategies that are out there. Together, you will explore the top 7 Love Based Marketing Strategies and then choose which ones are a best fit for you, your clients and your business.

Examples of what can be taught during this talk:

  • Why Love Based Marketing™ is the easiest and most effective way to market your business
  • Why Fear Based Marketing works… but only once
  • How to quickly be seen as an expert so that you can get paid what you are worth, resulting in needing fewer clients and less time at work
  • What to use as the basis for your marketing that will steer you on the no sleaze pathway 100% of the time
  • How to spot fear based marketing language when YOU are the one being sold too
  • Examples of Love Based Sales and Squeeze pages


FF_7steps_FB_profileAThe FEMpreneur Mindset™: Changing the Face of Business

The number of Female business owners, is growing at a staggering rate and as a result, with our innate FEMpreneur Mindset™, we…

  • Reveal more of our authentic selves in our products, services and marketing.
  • Trust in our instincts. Today’s FEMpreneur is more likely to have a Dream Board than a Business/Marketing Plan.
  • Don’t run “hobby businesses”. Today’s FEMpreneur gets to make money and LOTS of it.


Susan Liddy, Fearless FEMpreneur, 7 Steps to 6 Figure Success, Emotional Intelligence Business CoachingSusan is available to speak on many topics related to fearlessly and femininely building your business.  Drawing from content from many of her 2 and 3 day live events, Susan delivers powerful methods to quickly and permanently overcome your fears and tap into your intuitive feminine wisdom for your business, while delivering proven sales and marketing strategies to grow your business.  Contact Susan to discuss topics for your next event or meeting.


Dear Meeting Planner,

Schedule my signature talks for your networking group, association meeting or meetup group.

Your members will enjoy my talks if they are:

  • Service based small business owners, for example, coaches, consultants, counselors, therapists
  • Who want to learn online and offline business building strategies that are love versus fear-based and have proven track records for success
  • Feel that their business is their mission
  • Who like to stand up during a talk… laugh, hug and cry <just a little bit, on that last one… I promise>

Talk Lengths: Each talk below is 15 or 55 minutes and can be scheduled together or individually, and content for each talk can be customized per the needs of your audience.

Travel: I am available to travel USA/Canada wide for your group of 25 or more.

Contact: Please eMail my Executive Assistant, Karin Brock, for more information: Karin <at> SusanLiddy<dot>com