“When the student is ready,

the teacher appears.”

~ Buddhist Proverb

“Sarah confidently increased her rates, worked through some of the shame around money that was preventing her from doing so”

Before working with Susan, I had been an entrepreneur for only 6 months.  Being a relatively resourceful person, I subscribed to many of the free webinars, resources and books offered by a number of coaches before launching my business, in an attempt to apply what I could on my own first.  However, it became apparent very quickly that I needed 1:1 support in order to make my business more stable and profitable.  I felt adrift and really overwhelmed. 

Since working with Susan, I have a much clearer roadmap of what I need to work on in order for my business to truly thrive.  I have been able to embrace the parts of me that felt the most vulnerable and insecure as I began to put myself out there in a bigger way.  I have been challenging myself to work on getting more focused in terms of my mission, message and tribe. I have confidently increased my hourly rate, worked through some of the shame around money that was preventing me from doing so, and am exploring about how I can build programs beyond the 1:1 model.  And I am starting to get out and make myself more visible by booking speaking engagements.

The roadmap Susan has provided me with will continue to be a valuable guide as I continue to grow and develop as a person and in my business. I look forward to implementing more of Susan’s strategies in the months and years to come, and am confident knowing that I have a coach in my corner who is behind me all the way. 

Sarah Schlote,  satoria.ca 


“Lisa discovered her niche and target market and launched her business, “The Shifting Path.”

I found an instant connection with Susan, finding that we had a lot in common in how we saw that world. My passion for helping others has always been strong but I wasn’t sure how to apply it. It was during that time that I became a long distance caregiver to my Uncle and then later to my father who lives here locally. In my work with Susan I discovered I was good at navigating the eldercare system and with Susan’s encouragement I received a second Master’s degree in Human Services focusing on families in later life.  

In 2010 with Susan’s guidance, I launched The Shifting Path using my experience and education to help other adult children of aging parents feel more balanced, connected, and present by giving them solutions to become emotionally prepared and physically organized in their role as a caregiver.  It was through my work with Susan that I really was able to find my niche to help those who are stressed out and overwhelmed. 

Not only has Susan taught me the nuts and bolts of creating a business name, tagline, programs, and website to becoming a speaker, writer, and coach. She has given me the tools to continue to overcome my fears and really step into my power in order to give to others.  When starting a new business you feel a bit lost and overwhelmed but Susan has created tools that give the needed structure and a path to create a successful business.  She has an incredible gift to connect with her clients at a deeper level triggering many AHA moments along the way.

 Lisa Huening, TheShiftingPath.com


“Working with Susan has helped me better understand the importance of strengthening my emotional intelligence so that I can best be of support to my clients”

Before we worked together, I felt overwhelmed about moving forward with starting a coaching business.  I had been brainstorming ideas and feeling inspired although was unsure where to start.  My feeling of overwhelm had me at a standstill.  When I met Susan and learned more about her coaching practice, I felt hope and competence that I would be able to start moving forward.

Susan’s positive, assertive energy, organized business planning program and connection to building her clients’ emotional intelligence resonated with my sensibilities of a holistic business coaching program.  Each small step helps me move forward at a pace that works within my life. I appreciate how she gently challenges me to grow and strengthen my skills.  Her manner and holistic practice as a coach reminds me of a warm, wholesome loaf of bread made with love and organic ingredients. 

Working with Susan has helped me better understand the importance of strengthening my emotional intelligence so that I can best be of support to my clients.  Connecting  authentically and sharing vulnerability, as well as looking inward for what triggers me, has helped me in my full-time preschool teaching work, within my community and as I recognize the gifts and programming potential I have to offer passionate school teachers.

Our coaching will help me in the future with the continued support for my business evolution and the emotional intelligence skills I have and will continue to cultivate and integrate into my work with coaching teachers and in personal life.

Lisa Fenton, California


“Before working with Susan I was spinning my wheels in my business and lacking the motivation and momentum that I needed. I was struggling with challenges around my health and family and felt tired, overwhelmed, and stuck.”

I chose to work with Susan because I knew that I needed not just the business “how-to’s” but I also needed help with getting unstuck, and with keeping my motivation and excitement going. I needed tools to pull me out when I found myself in a downward spiral, and I needed to find a way to let go of the struggle and rediscover the reasons I started my business in the first place.

Since working with Susan I have become more empowered in taking charge of my life – in particular I’ve been clearing my path by addressing my personal health and family challenges so that I have the energy, time, and space to move forward with my business. I’ve gained clarity and confidence in my message and mission. and I have a clear path to putting the systems in place that will attract my ideal clients to me.

Going forward, I know that I have Susan on my side. She wants me to succeed as much as I want to succeed and knowing that I have her support in my corner keeps me moving toward my goals. As long as I am in pursuit of the life and business that I want, I know that Susan will do everything in her power to help me get there.

Ann, NourishingVitality.com


“I’ve cleared up all that blurry fog, sorted the essentials from the nonessentials, and made many of the tangible changes I envisioned. These can be seen in my new web site as well as in the new clients and opportunities I’ve attracted.”

Before working with Susan, I felt way off track in the creation of my new business. My identity, purpose, and strategy were blurry, and I’d lost confidence–forgotten who I was! I felt overwhelmed by too much diverse business advice in some areas and too little in others. Disillusioned with certain values in the coaching industry, I wanted a new perspective.

I was immediately attracted to Susan’s emotional intelligence focus because I knew I had been wounded in that area recently. I needed an emotional intelligence refresher and Susan’s gentle, insightful style reassured me. Plus, her coaching program felt very accessible. I continue because her promises have been fulfilled.

Nancy, NancyBurnettCoaching.com


“By the time I finished coaching with Susan Glamorously Healthy was born and branded”

Susan came into my life at the perfect time. I was just finishing up Holistic Health Coaching school and was very uncertain of my purpose, niche and what direction my life and business should take. I had been a Fashion Designer for ten years so venturing out on my own as an Entrepreneur was terrifying. I knew I wanted my own business, I knew I could have my own business I just had no clue doing what or how! I was so confused. My best friend, Britta Aragon had coached with Susan prior to me and was like “Chris, you need my coach!” That how Susan and I came together. Thanks Bri! 

By the time I finished coaching with Susan Glamorously Healthy was born and branded. Susan was very patient and intuitive as well as a great listener and a strong coach. She was also fun! She helped me define my purpose and guided me down the path I am on now as a Health, Happiness and Lifestyle Transformation Coach. Susan was excellent at keeping me on track, yet allowed me the freedom to really explore and feel out what was going to be a perfect business match for me. 

I absolutely LOVE the business that I have chosen and created! It is an amazing thing to do what you love while living with purpose and making such a positive difference in the lives of others. I couldn’t ask for more. Susan is a fabulous coach who I personally admire and would highly recommend. Most importantly, she really cares about you, your happiness and your success which meant so much to me.

Christine, GlamorouslyHealthy.com


MaryKay’s work with high-profile business owners often requires negotiating and managing high-level relationships for a win/win outcome.  Her ability to remain emotionally grounded and clear is essential to her success.

“I’ll never forget it, I was in a public setting with a client, and I got triggered.  Fortunately I said something to Susan about how I was feeling.  She asked me if I wanted to work through a process with her.  I’ve done lots of personal work so I said yes.  She skillfully guided me through her process that enabled me to understand the root of the dis-empowered feelings I was having, so I could reconnect to my empowered self and see the situation for what it really was, rather than what my dis-empowered child self was making it out to be.  Susan is incredibly skilled and compassionate.  I highly recommend her to any woman who desires to be able to express from authentic power in any situation.”

MaryKay, ConsciousAffiliateNetwork.com


Britta needed to break free from  the burnout she was in and become more effective in her business so she could publish her first book and launch her skincare line.

Britta Aragon“The universe sent me Susan at just the right time.  I was getting ready to launch my business, was going through a separation and moving homes all at the same time.  Life was so overwhelming! Susan created a container on our calls that allowed me to navigate this very stressful time and gave me tools to be able deal with all the emotions.  She helped me get out of the burnout I was in and how to be more effective in my business and have more energy by putting myself first.  I am grateful I had the opportunity to move through such a tough time with Susan…her coaching was invaluable to get to where I am today. I launched my first book last September and and my skincare line, CV Skinlabs, March 2012. forever grateful.”

 Britta Aragon, New York City, Cincovidas.com


As a luminary public figure, Kelly needed to master her stress level and embrace more balance in her life so she could be even more of the amazing leader that she is.

“As a woman leader, making sure that I am at the top of my game is critical in both serving my clients and ultimately serving myself (financially, emotionally and spiritually).  I am not sure there is much that prepares you for being in the public eye and when you step out in a big way, the game changes.  I hired Susan to help me master emotional intelligence so that I can lead more effectively and gracefully (which in the face of pressure is often easier said than done).

Working with her has been an invaluable investment and one that has significant personal payoff in terms of stress reduction, balance and flow – as well as a business payoff in terms of how I am able to show up in the world more powerfully and gracefully.  And of course, this directly impacts my business bottom line for the better.  Having another woman on your team like Susan is truly precious and I will definitely be introducing her and her unique work to my Women’s Leadership Academy.”

-Kelly, Las Vegas, KellyOneil.com


Stephanie mastered her emotions of stress and confusion and then took the next big step for her business.

“Working with Susan one-on-one gave me valuable insight and tools to overcome my own blocks about taking the next step in my business. I was feeling stressed and confused about the direction to take things. Susan is an extremely supportive, patient and strong motivational guide for all women entrepreneurs. As a result, I took that next step and felt more confident about the changes I was making in my journey.”

-Stephanie, California, SolutionsThatSoar.com


Jessie May felt stifled. She transformed her discouragement, frustration and sadness into empowerment, confidence and enthusiasm and started an amazing business!

“When I first came to Susan for coaching I deeply yearned for clarity around how to share my gifts with the world. I had so much brilliance inside of me that needed to shine, but I didn’t know how or where to let it out, so I became discouraged, frustrated, sad, and stifled. I was on a downward spiral. My discouragement led me to be less engaged with the world, which led to more discouragement and less connection with other people. Susan helped me understand my emotional pattern and how my thoughts and emotions fed off each other, creating more of what I didn’t want.

Emotional mastery is a lifelong practice, but without the awareness and tools that Susan has given me, I would still be the woman who was allowing her light to be stifled by her own negative thinking. Now that I have the awareness of what triggers certain unwanted emotions and the tools to work with them when they arise, I am in the drivers seat of my life!

Since I began coaching with Susan I have found clarity about how to share my gifts with the world. I started my company, Daring Divas USA that is designed to improve the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being of its members through activities that expand self awareness, grow confidence and bring women together into community. Daring Divas USA grew from zero to hundreds of members in its first few months and is continuing to blossom today. Without my coaching sessions with Susan, I would not be where I’m at today: empowered, confidant, enthusiastic, and most importantly LETTING MY LIGHT SHINE!”

-Jessie May, Colorado, DaringDivasUSA.com


Sage went from feeling completely confused and doubting herself to confident and strong, and started her own business!

“I turned to Susan at a time when I was in complete confusion about my career path and doubting my self worth. Through Susan’s compassionate guidance, I found my own inner strength, confidence and wisdom. Thanks to Susan’s expert coaching, I now have my own business doing what I love to do, and more importantly I trust myself to design my life, my career and my relationships the way I want them. Thank you Susan!!!”

-Sage, Santa Cruz, Purppose2Prosperity.com


Melanie feels more assertive now than ever before. She improved her relationships at work, at home and with herself!

“Susan is a wonderful coach and mentor. She is very understanding, yet challenges you. I am impressed by everything in her toolbox – she has many worksheets and exercises that really hit home for me, like her daily empowering behaviors worksheet. I am more assertive now than ever before. I know how to speak my truth and listen for when others do too, which has greatly improved my relationships not only with others at work and home, but with myself as well.

I have learned a lot about myself and grown tremendously working with her. Thank you Susan!”

– Melanie, California, USA


Eren shifted from not knowing what to do with her life to becoming impassioned about writing, travel and financial independence!

“Susan has great timing and an intuitive knack for saying the right thing at the right time to motivate you. Like magic, she just sprinkles a few key words at you and they resonate! I’ve seen her do that with others in our coaching group, as well. Also, I find her presentation entertaining and lively, so you want to listen. Her journal and handouts inspire me everyday, so that I’ve gone from not knowing what to do with my life to becoming impassioned about writing, travel, and financial independence. Susan also demonstrates high integrity and works well with people, really honing in on their wavelengths.

I would recommend her to anybody who feels stuck in their personal or professional lives. She explains how important it is to work through conflicts that may be impeding your growth.”

-Eren, California, USA


Kim is living fully and authentically, with clarity and now understands the “why’s”of her blocks. 

“At a time when I was unclear on who I’d become, as well as where it was I craved going, I happened upon Susan. I can honestly say it was a gift in my life, our crossing of journeys. She has a way of compassionately and intuitively guiding you towards the path you need to step onto. Her personal clarity, charm and authenticity help you to find your own inner strength and appreciate that no one has more wisdom when it comes to guidance than what is already inside of you. I realized I wasn’t focusing on the right things in my world, and was able to really work towards getting to the root of this through Susans’ Women’s Passages to Empowerment Bootcamp. I realized that I already had a sense of who my best self was, and had already been turning towards that when I met Susan. I believe that she was able to help me over the personal roadblocks that come up when working towards living fully with authenticity by helping me see the “why’s” of the roadblocks. I believe I live my life with a fullness and grace I would not have otherwise had and crave each day that lies ahead as an opportunity to not only continue this journey, but to impact others as well thanks to her. If you are feeling stuck, or confused about a turn in the road, or even feeling like you simply need more in your world, Susan is the ideal person to connect with. Don’t hesitate a moment longer to begin the work!”

-Kim, Maryland, USA


Rebecca went from feeling desperate to feeling empowered and comfortable in her own skin!

“Susan is a very warm and intuitive person. She can get to the root of things quickly by gently asking the right questions to give you more perspective on yourself so that you can unleash the pent up potential. She seems to know when it’s right to to be flexible in life and also when and where to have boundaries. Susan came into my life at a time when I was pretty desperate and the guidance, advice, and love I have received has really changed me so that I am much more comfortable with being in my own skin. Thanks so much Susan for your undying support and love!”

– Rebecca, California, USA


Flor went from feeling LOST in her life and her career to CLEAR about who she is and got a promotion at work!

 “Six months ago I came to Susan feeling lost and very alone. Something was missing from my life. Something wasn’t quite right. I believed that something was external; perhaps my husband, my kids, my career. I blamed others for my unhappiness for my failures. I yearned for inner peace. Prior to seeing Susan I had considered marriage counseling and career coaching. Instead I chose Susan and it has been one of the most impactful decisions I’ve made.

With Susan’s support I learned life tools that allowed me to understand why I was feeling those feelings. I learned to dig deep down and write about it, talk about it and feel the feelings. Finally I learned to shift the pain into strength. I have developed a sense of identity, fulfillment, acceptance of myself and others and inner peace. The relationship I have with my husband is renewed. My children are picking up on the skills of self acknowledgment, gratitude and compassion.

Most importantly the relationship I have with myself is free of guilt and blame. Instead it is accepting, loving, caring and adventurous. Four months after I started seeing Susan I received a promotion at work. This promotion proved to be a turning point in my work with Susan. Up until then it was all work. Finally I began to see the fruits of my labor. People around me noticed a difference in me. I realized I no longer had to manipulate others. I didn’t have to flirt to get what I wanted. I noticed new behaviors and shifts in my reactions to others.

Susan has been one of the best things to happen in my life. I thank her deeply for having the humanity for caring deeply about me. The ability to inspire me and for believing in me.”




Cassandra went from “confused and complacent” to clear about her life calling and then healed her relationship with her mother!

“My name is Cassandra and I’m a client of Susan’s. I’ve been working with her for about the last year. There is a tremendous change. In fact, I kind of think of my life as before Susan and after Susan.

Before Susan, I would describe my life as confused and complacent. I didn’t know where I was going. You know, I knew that life wasn’t working for me but I didn’t know why, or how to go about making it work for me or figuring out what I could do that would create more happiness in my life. See happiness just wasn’t something I experienced on a daily basis. My life was more about surviving, more about doing what I had to do to get by. In fact, life was almost a chore not to be enjoyed.

A huge factor in that were feelings that I never allowed myself to feel. And a lot of it was repressed anger. I was angry about some things that had happened in my life. Some people that I felt failed me. In fact, I felt abandoned. And all of this anger and abandonment really created some tremendous barriers in my life. Barriers to myself and barriers to the people that mean the most to me. I would say overall that I was afraid to live. I was disconnected.

Well, a year later, I’m no longer afraid. I have a tremendous amount of clarity that I never even thought was possible. I have a clear sense of my life vision and my life calling. In fact, I enjoy my life now. I experience my life. I live my life today and I’ve discovered some things about me that were really surprising. Like, I’m creative. Pre-Susan I would have never used that adjective to describe myself. But little did I know that I like to draw, I like to paint. I like to create through photography and writing. It almost feels like this endless amount of creativity bubbling up within me waiting to come out. And not only that, I have a deeper and more meaningful relationship with myself and my family.

One of those relationships is with my mother. I have made tremendous progress in this relationship. One when I first approached Susan, this was a relationship I felt ready to write off. It wasn’t worth it. I felt angry I felt abandoned. In this one year I reconnected with my mother. I maybe even connected with her for the first time in this last year. And have been able to let go of so much anger and abandonment feelings. And now I can see my mom for who she is and accept her for where she’s at, and love her knowing and trusting that she loves me too.

It is for all of these things and more that I am so grateful for Susan.”

– Cassandra


Beth said goodbye to “shame” and embraced pure love and acceptance for herself instead!

“Hello my name is Beth. I am a forty three year old woman who lives in Los Gatos. I’ve been seeing Susan for the last year. I have gone through several different therapists, tried different things in my life to try to reach some type of fulfillment and self love, trying to be happy and enjoy life thoroughly and didn’t ever seem to find anything that worked for me.

Since I’ve met Susan and I’ve been working with her in the last year I can honestly say that now I live a life of loving myself and enjoying my life. The biggest thing for me was getting rid of the shame. The shame held me down so much that I couldn’t get out of it. Susan showed me how to stand in my truth, to be diligent, compassionate, loving to myself and patient with myself. And when Susan gave me those original skills and tools and I looked at that list I thought that it was so foreign, it was another language.

Now today I can look at that honestly say that I have fully experienced those things and do everyday in my life now. I am so grateful for Susan and the work that she does. And I highly recommend this type of work to anyone who is open to this process.”

– Beth


Mariah went from feeling her dreams were impossible to getting focused and clear and motivated to achieve ANYTHING!

“So when I started seeing Susan about a couple of years ago I was in a spot where I could not see any possibility of getting to my dreams and what I wanted to accomplish in my life seemed so far away from me.

We wrote it all down and put it in the corner and she asked me what is keeping me from accomplishing those dreams? And the first thing that came to my mind was my boyfriend and my mother. So we placed them in front of the dreams and then, she asked me how it felt to be sitting where I was not being able to obtain those dreams and goals. And, it felt like being in a cage, I could hardly breathe and I felt trapped.

And she said, well who holds the key? And I thought, Wow! First thought was my mom and my boyfriend but I knew better. I said well I do and if I hold the key I can unlock this cage. So I reached around and unlocked my cage and peeked out, out of the door, and looked around and then ran back into my cage!

But in the time of seeing her, I saw her six times, and that was about the third session… by the sixth session I had left my boyfriend and was pursuing my dream.

Then I stopped seeing her for about a year and then when I came back I had already moved into a healing center and had a very supportive loving environment in a new relationship that was supportive of my goals and dreams and I’m now accomplishing those things that I once thought were so far away from me.

And that is why I came back to Susan.

I know that I can become very focused and centered and accomplish whatever I’m out to get with the guidance… it’s a partnership that we have maintained to accomplish whatever I’m up too. And it’s a place that I can go where I know I am fully supported in what I’m up to with out any other motives. It’s just what I’m up to is completely supported and where else can you get that?

It’s just so amazing to have these sessions where it’s totally focused on me and I love that time that we create together. So that’s why I’m here!”

– Mariah


Michell mastered feeling “despair and resentful” to taking control of her life and her happiness!

“When I first came to Susan, I felt lost, broken, confused and helpless. I was constantly in the state of fear which left me paralyzed and feeling alone even though I had the support of my family and friends. I was too proud to ask for help when I needed it and closed myself off from everyone who loved me. I felt stupid, unworthy and didn’t think I had much to offer anyone. It’s no wonder I felt like a failure in my life. There was left over guilt, resentment and feeling of betrayal and abandonment which prevented me from honestly loving anyone including myself.

Enough of that!! There’s a new Michell in town now and I’d rather speak of that! I’ve seen counselors and therapists but never really connected with them or felt they truly understood where I was coming from. I always left their office feeling broken like there was something wrong with me and needing to be fixed. With Susan’s help, I have experienced a new awakening and new outlook on life.

Who is Michell you ask? Michell is kind, compassionate, full of love for herself and others. Michell DOES have something to offer others and is capable of giving and receiving love.

With the tools Susan has given me I can proudly say that:

  • I am no longer afraid to speak my mind when it’s in my best interest to do so.
  • I take and treasure each moment as it comes and find the best in all situations.
  • I’ve learned to recognize those bad feelings I get when I start to negative self talk and turn it around to ask my inner voice, “What’s really up?”
  • I’ve learned not to have expectations for others and that judging others is a message to look within.
  • I can now ask for help when I need it and have not only improved relationships with my family but I have also formed new and loving relationships.
  • I have learned to replace fear’s ability to make me worry about losing what I have and to be grateful for what I do have. I have made a conscious effort to write my gratitudes each morning so that I can recognize what I have and cherish every moment. I’m not speaking of material things. I’ve learned to savor and enjoy my slippers, a cup of tea and playing with my children.( okay, my house and car too!)
  • I now look within for my own happiness and have learned to recognize when I’m looking outside myself for it.
  • Instead of belittling myself with shoulds and should nots, I acknowledge myself every day. Yes, even when the laundry isn’t done. I’ve let go of perfection.
  • I’ve learned that when I speak bad and gossip about others and hold on to resentment that I’m only hurting myself.
  • I realize now that my past and my future have no power over me and that I get to choose how my day and my life will unfold.
  • I’ve learned that there will be bumps in the road but that there’s no such thing as failure. There’s only a lesson to be learned and improvements to make.

These are just the highlights of what Susan has taught me. I could go on and on about how my life has changed for the better. I’m filled with joy, happiness and peace as I write this. Susan told me during our first visit to be prepared. She said something like, as we peel the many layers and remove the many masks I had, be prepared for relationships to change for better or worse. Well, she was sooooo right. In the past year, I’ve been through many changes and difficult challenges. Susan was always right there with me and I love her for her support, patience, love and understanding. With these drastic changes in my life came the feeling of despair and resentment. Now, I can honestly say that I welcome these changes and more changes with open arms and thank GOD every day for them. These changes have made me who I am today and I have learned to look at myself in the mirror and say, “I love you. You are enough”

Thanks Susan!!

– Michell

“Understanding my business values has helped me to reach out to others in empowering ways.”
– Irina, London, UK
“I’m very grateful to Susan for teaching me these life tools that I’ve always needed. And, it was at the right time that I’ve received and discovered them.”
– Cassie, Toronto, Canada

“I’ve worked with Susan both in groups and one-on-one because I gain so much through our connection. She has helped me transform all aspects of my life and I am eternally grateful to and for her. Thank you so much, Susan, for putting yourself out there for all of us to benefit from!”

-Cass, California, USA

“Susan is a talented coach. She has a way of reaching people in a way that one really sees their best self. While her one-on-one meetings are powerful, her group meetings are transformational. On her site she describes this as a “comprehensive group coaching program.” It’s life changing if you are ready for it.” 
– Corinne
“I would recommend Susan in an instant if you need coaching. She is kind, compassionate and dependable. She has assisted me thru some very difficult life challenges and for that I will always be grateful. Even years later, I have used the tools she’s taught me and can handle difficult situations with grace and a real sense of who I am.”
– Michelle
“Susan is a Empowering Woman to with work and her coaching gave me confidence and clarity for my life journey!”           
– Theresa
“I have been taking Susan’s Women’s Empowerment Bootcamp and it has helped me tremendously. We have worked through many of the areas where I’ve felt stuck in my life and I’m feeling more confident about my future.” 
– Michele
“I love Susan’s creativity and breadth of response to my questions. There are lots of areas that she is aware of that I hadn’t really thought through and acknowledged. She has insight into things I haven’t really considered.”
– Karin
“The Secrets to Ultimate Living Weekend Retreat should be a pre-requisite for everyone’s life!”
“I now realize how caught up in expectations I was and how to free myself so that I can accept the people I love for who they are.”
– Lynette
“I feel empowered like never before. The ideas that I learned here were a seed in the back of my mind. Now that seed’s receiving water and is growing faster than I ever imagined. Watch out!”
– Liz
“Thank you Susan! I have received new understanding and new tools to utilize in my daily life to strive to meet my goals. My empowerment increases daily.” 
– Samantha, Idaho, USA
“I have no words to THANK YOU Susan for the wonderful support you have given me! I will keep these lessons in mind all my life and face situations with better understanding.”
– Elena
“Susan, I will refer to what you taught me again and again. This definitely will be my blueprint for this transition period and many more to come!”
“I feel empowered by the awareness of how I’ve used my body as an excuse to not fully live or invest fully in my business.”
– Geraldine
“I wish I would have learned all of this when I was 21.”
– Michell
“Thank you so much, Susan, for sharing yourself with me. I am doing my Gratitudes and Daily Intention with another girl every morning. We are both benefiting. She noticed a difference in her day the first day we started. We both write our acknowledgments in the evening and our affirmation. I am putting it all into action and it works. Thank you so much, you have helped to change many lives.”
– Lynetta
“Thank you SO much, Susan–for giving me the opportunity to participate in these wonderful sessions, sending these notes to me, each time, and for the excellent growth opportunities you’ve accorded me. I will be grateful, forever!”
– Flor
“Susan, thank you for coming along side each of us and gently inspiring us to face our core fears without judgment that is such a gift … you are a gift and a blessing to this world. Thank you!!”
– Janice, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

“As it is said “timing is everything” and the timing could not have been more perfect for my working with Susan. I’ve been working with her for over a year now and the growth I have experienced has been incredible. With her guidance I continue to practice nurturing myself, keeping healthy boundaries and showing up as my authentic self!”

– Lisa, USA

“The Secrets to Ultimate Living Weekend Retreat has changed my life and will continue to change my life. I am a different person now… I am on a journey of self discovery. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Julie, San Jose, Ca

“Susan – thank you for supporting me in the challenge of getting unstuck… moving from where I am to where I want to be. Your patience, strength and guidance in “the traverse” has been of great value in my journey and my awareness and allowing me to embrace my own strength. Very empowering! I encourage others to connect with you to embrace their REAL journey. Very best to you and all those you inspire to reach beyond average. Cheers!”
– Wendy Marie, British Columbia

“Susan is a gifted coach who has the ability to get to the deeper issues with her clients to really help them to improve their lives. I was fortunate to take Susan’s “Secrets to Ultimate Living” workshop and gained so much from the course exercises and also from interacting with the group. Susan also helped me to deal with a major life decision I had to make because she understood the emotional and other challenges involved. I would recommend Susan to anyone who wants to work with a great coach.”

– Robin, California, USA

“Susan is a rock star personal empowerment coach. She helped me discover my personal power in a way I had not accessed before. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to fully walk into their life.”

– Anne, Chicago, USA

“Susan, you have helped me develop the tools to discover who I am. You are intuitive about identifying feelings that I thought were faults and helped me realize that they are actually skills that I can use to my benefit and my client’s benefit. You are truly amazing.”

– Rachael, New York, USA 

“I would recommend Susan in an instant if you need life coaching. She is kind, compassionate and dependable. She has assisted me thru some very difficult life challenges and for that I will always be grateful. Even years later, I have used the tools she’s taught me and can handle difficult situations with grace and a real sense of who I am.” 

– Michelle, USA

“Susan is an amazing coach! She has helped me transform all aspects of my life including reconnecting with my birth father, healing old wounds with my mother and sister, changing careers, improving my marriage, accepting myself, creating new friendships, and so much more. She truly is a gift from God and I highly recommend her services. If you are ready to change your life and achieve your goals, then give Susan a call!”

– Cassandra, USA

“Thank you Susan for making the time yesterday. That was a really great session and supported me more then I imagined it might because it was so focused on what I needed at that moment – you really are amazing!”

– Jennifer, UK


Justine, Sacramento, Ca